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The Daemon Saga is a fiction fantasy world created by X and V. It is in early development and is constantly being changed every day. There are some morbid ideals and controversial topics addressed in Daemon so view at your own risk. One day we dream that Daemon will become a videogame or book series but for now the Daemon sites are only a compilation of all of the current information we have on the world and this wikia holds the majority of the information.

POSTING SCHEDULE: Most things are posted whenever we can get to them, we don't want to set a schedule and be unable to stick to it because that is unfair to everyone looking forward to it. For now check back whenever you are available to for an update! You never know when we might be posting!

NOTE: If there is a character/place/etc that you specifically want to know more about, and it either has an incomplete page or no page at all, tell us what page it is by sending us an email at, a note on our deviantART , or fanmail on our tumblr and we'll get right to it!

Map and Major FeaturesEdit

Awesomeland plain 2



  • Lochlan
  • [Rosewood]
  • [Relles's Empire]
  • [Dolathame Empire]

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